Final Update from Pride London : World Pride

Here is the latest update for the walking groups taking part in this year’s Pride Procession on Saturday 7th July so that those of you following 17-24-30 know what is going on. I and others will be marching with Pride representing 17-24-30 raising awareness of the need for our communities to do more to tackle hate crime. I hope you’ll join us and show the world that whilst things may have been messed up this year London is not for messing with. Whilst we may be divided over many issues – we stand together when it comes to making it clear that hate crime is not acceptable in our communities.

Mark Healey

Dear friend
With only four more sleeps to WorldPride 2012, I am pleased to confirm all the final details for you.
Line-up is in Baker Street and you should arrive at 10:15am and no earlier. You will require your WorldPride Walking Group ID as issued to you by your Section Supervisor. If you have not received this then please contact your Section Supervisor immediately.
The WorldPride Walking Group ID only needs to be worn by one person. This person should be positioned at the front of your walking group. We suggest that you attach the ID with safety pins to your item of clothing.
These are the line-up guidelines for where you should go on Saturday morning to line-up:
Red Section – Fitzharding Street up to George Street. You will need to report to your Section Supervisor, Patrick Browne.
Orange Section – from George Street up to Blandford Street. You will need to report to your Section Supervisor, Carmen Zapatero.
Yellow Section – from Blandford Street to half way down before Dorset Street. You will need to report to your Section Supervisor, Dinet Luchies.
Green Section – from half way down Dorset Street up to Paddington Street. You will need to report to your Section Supervisor, James Johnson.
Blue Section – from Paddington Street to York Street. You will need to report to your Section Supervisor, Sam Aldridge.

Purple Section – from York Street to Marylebone Road. You will need to report to your Section Supervisor, Siobhan Linard.
Once everyone has arrived, you may be asked to move down to join the section in front of you.
The Procession starts at 11:00am. It is estimated that it will finish at 13:30 when it reaches dispersal at Whitehall. When you reach dispersal please follow the direction of the Pride Stewards. During the Procession you will not be able to leave it and you must walk the whole route – you are not permitted to take any shortcuts once you arrive at Trafalgar Square.
Music is allowed in the Procession whether it be recorded or live music. It is asked that you follow the same rulings as per the WorldPride Walking Groups Handbook regarding music. 
Wheeled items permitted
The following items are permitted in the Procession:

  • bikes
  • roller skates
  • scooters (non-motorised) – this does not apply to those who use one for a disability
  • shopping trolley

The following items are not permitted in the Procession:

  • any motorised or battery operated vehicle/wheeled items
  • rickshaws

Refunds and invoice queries
Any queries regarding finances either invoicing or refunds then please direct these to
It is forecast that it will be raining on Saturday – please ensure that you bring appropriate clothing. However, we can hope for sunshine.

You should now have all the information and details for Saturday – if you have any additional queries then please direct these to your Section Supervisor.
Myself and the Section Supervisors are all volunteers for Pride London. As such we will be ensuring that the Procession is not only a march of united voices but one that is successful and will defy the odds to demonstrate the strong unity of our volunteers and community.

Please do come and say hello to me on Saturday – I have been communicating now with you all over several months and it will be lovely to see you in person.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Until Saturday

With very best wishes

Adam Endacott
Procession Manager

World Pride London 2012: 23 June-8 July 2011, Procession Day 7 July 2012

Pride London is a company registered by guarantee in England, number 5061574
Pride London is a registered charity, number 1104774
Registered Office: 27 Old Gloucester Street, LONDON, WC1N 3AX

About Mark172430

Founder 17-24-30 NationalHCAW (1184819). Project lead Rainbow Boroughs Project. Passionate about tackling hate crime and LGBT+ community development.
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