Police issue license regulations notice to Soho venues

The Met Police have issued a license regulations notice (see below) to all Soho venues, with copies sent to members of the local Business Forum and the Soho LGBT Community Forum.


This is to notify you that there will be no official World Pride events taking place in Soho on Saturday the 7th of July.

Licensing regulations will be that of any normal day. The event in Golden Square has been cancelled and World Pride will have no official activities in Soho. We do expect the day’s celebrations to continue within licensed premises and for Soho to be very busy.

Westminster City Council’s Premises Licence which covers the public highway areas in Soho is not being utilised on this day, therefore no Licensable Activities can take place on the public highway.                                                                         

Premises may only trade in accordance with their existing Premises Licence conditions, as on any normal day.

No furniture or equipment may be placed on the public highway outside of your premises.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

No PA systems are to be placed on the public highway and no music should be audible outside of your premises, as with any normal day.

The Licensing Authorities wish to inform you that premises that are in breach of their Premises Licence will be subject to strict enforcement action, which may ultimately result in Review proceedings.

For more information on World Pride 2012, please visit: http://www.pridelondon.org

For any licensing enquiries relating to this please call the Police Licensing Team on T: 020 7641 3179″

About Mark172430

Founder 17-24-30 NationalHCAW (1184819). Project lead Rainbow Boroughs Project. Passionate about tackling hate crime and LGBT+ community development.
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3 Responses to Police issue license regulations notice to Soho venues

  1. Mark says:

    How very accommodating of them. I guess with the policing cuts and new summer riots expected, it’s no big surprise. Have they banned singing too?

  2. Scott says:

    If they’re wondering how to build up goodwill with people this is not the way to do it. Can’t say I’m surprised at the police response or Westminster councils. I wonder if they’ll want to march at the front of the procession to show their ‘support’. Very disappointing.

  3. Richard says:

    no alcahol allowed …just jelly and ice cream !

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