HATE CRIME it’s no joke!

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We’ve set up a team Sponsor Me page to start fund-raising to cover the estimated £5,000 it will cost us this year to run the 17-24-30 No to Hate Crime Campaign.

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This small charity registered with HMRC is run entirely by volunteers with no paid staff.

We organise and facilitate:

The April Acts of Remembrance (dates as listed below)

■Brixton 17th April
■Brick lane 24th April
■Soho 30th April
■We work with local people to ensure that these events run smoothly.

LGBT+ drop-in / Social events at 170 Community Project (dates as listed below)

 ■We are organising eight drop-in/social sessions at 170 Community Project (6th April, 11th May, 8th June, 6th July, 10th August, 7th September, 5th October and 2nd November.
■Provide a safe space for LGBT+ people and friends to discuss community development issues
■To involve and encourage people to be more active in the 17-24-30 No to Hate Crime Campaign

Series of fundraising events and activities

■Last year we had some fantastic fund-raising and awareness raising events at the TONKER, TWO BREWERS and TWO8SIX.
■With brilliant support from drag artists including; Miss Jason, Kandi Kane Baxter, Lola Lasagne, Lady Emelda and CJ, and Sandra.
■And visited many of the Soho and Vauxhall bars with the Olympic Torch that Mark carried during Olympic Torch relay (the torch was carried in memory of those we’ve lost through acts of hate)
■We helped raise money for a memorial bench for Jody Dobrowski which was installed on Clapham Common in October 2012.
■We hope to work with more venues and artists in 2013 to stage some fabulous events.

Summer Awareness Campaign (June – August 2013)

■To design and produce anti-hate crime resources that can be distributed over the summer Pride Season.
■Organising volunteers to attend Pride events around the UK to distribute information.
■Network with scene venues to ensure that information is more openly available.
■To encourage venues to ensure that staff are trained appropriately to deal with hate crime incidents.

September Volunteer recruitment and training (September 2013)

■Each year we need to recruit and train a team of 100 volunteers to help us organise and facilitate our events.
■This includes two volunteer training sessions (covering Operations plans and basic steward training)
■We hope to skill people up so that they can use these skills for the benefit of other community events.
■We also need new people to join the Management Group of the campaign.

National Hate Crime Awareness Week (12th October to 19th October 2013)

■Launched in October 2013 with a special lauch event at St Paul’s Cathedral.
■We hope to work with individuals, organisations and local authorities to promote a national week of events to raise awareness of local hate crime issues and initiatives to tackle them.
■Leads up to the International Day of Hope and Remembrance.

International day of Hope and Remembrance for those affected by Hate Crime (19th October 2013)

■Each October we organise an International Day of Hope and Remembrance which began with the first Vigil that was held on the 30th October 2009 after the death of Ian Baynham who was homophobically abused and beaten in Trafalgar Square.
■We link up with solidarity events around the UK and abroad.
■And work in partnership with organisations including the Harvey Milk Foundation.

London Vigil against Hate Crime (19th October)

■A major event in central London
■Cross party political support.
■Promoting the work of individuals and organisations that are tackling Hate Crime.

As well as generating a lot of publicity about Hate Crime, raising awareness and encouraging local people to get involve in the campaign we do what we can to keep hate crime on the national agenda. Networking, working in partnership with other anti-hate crime organisations like Galop and Stop Hate UK. Sign-posting the good work that people and organisation are doing and generally building bridges and better relations between communities where we can.

But in these tough economic times, when funding for anti-hate crime projects is being cut we can only continue our work with your support.

Please donate what you can – but money is not everything – we really appreciate the support that people give us by joining our mailing list, following our social networking profiles and promoting our work.

It all helps spread the message that all forms of hate crime are not acceptable any more.

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About Mark172430

Founder 17-24-30 NationalHCAW (1184819). Project lead Rainbow Boroughs Project. Passionate about tackling hate crime and LGBT+ community development.
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