April acts of remembrance 17-24-30

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In April 1999 David Copeland set out to stir up fear and hatred in the hope that it would lead to the election of the British National Party. He planted three nail bombs over a period of three weekends. The first bomb targetting the black communities of Brixton on Saturday 17th April, the next bomb targetting the asian communities of Brick Lane on Saturday 24th April and finally the third and final nail bomb on Friday 30th April in a bar called The Admiral Duncan, Soho – targetting the gay community.

His attacks killed three people and injured many more.

A small group of us believe that it is important to remember what happened which is why we call ourselves 17-24-30. Reminding ourselves and those around us that it is important to continue to stand by those who need our support, to work to bring our communities closer together and to remain vigilant so we prevent this happening again.

If you would like to join us:


Brixton – Wed 17th April – meeting from 6pm onwards outside the Iceland store to light candles, hold a moments silence, pass out information and talk to people about 17-24-30.


Brick Lane – Wed 24th April – meeting from 6pm onwards outside the Sweet and Spicy Resturant opposite the Police Station. Again lighting candles, holding a moments silence, passing out information and talking to people about 17-24-30. Afterwards we are planning to have a meal at the Sweet and Spicy Resturant as this has been really successful the last couple of years.

Admiral Duncan Service

Soho – Tuesday 30th April – meeting at The Admiral Duncan by 6pm, before the procession at 6.15 round to St Anne’s gardens for a short service lead by the new priest from St Anne’s Church. This year Diversity are joining us to sing a song after the 2 minutes silence at 6.37pm. We’ve been in contact with the council, the police, the church and some of the survivors, friends and families who regularly attend each year. Newcomers are always welcome to come along.

We need volunteers to help steward and organise these events so get in touch if you fancy helping out!

About Mark172430

Founder 17-24-30 NationalHCAW (1184819). Project lead Rainbow Boroughs Project. Passionate about tackling hate crime and LGBT+ community development.
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3 Responses to April acts of remembrance 17-24-30

  1. michael crawshaw says:

    could get in touch about this

  2. Hubert Ezenwa says:

    Voluteering is fun.Give back to the society for a better world.

  3. mark says:

    are their any consessions for acomadation while volunteering in london

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