Statements of support #NationalHCAW 2017

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Each year we receive letters of support for National Hate Crime Awareness Week #NationalHCAW from across the social and political spectrum.

Here are the letters we have received so far;

  • The Prime Minister – Theresa May PM – Leader of the Conservative Party
  • Home Secretary – Amber Rudd MP
  • Leader of the Opposition – Jeremy Corby MPS – Leader of the Labour Party
  • Vince Cable MP – Leader of the Liberal Democrats
  • Jonathan Bartley, Caroline Lucas, Amelia Womack – The Green Party
  • Mayor of London – Sadiq Khan
  • Andrew Dismore AM, London Assembly for Barnet and Camden
  • Len Duvall AM, London Assembly, Greewich and Lewisham
  • Florence Eshalomi AM, London Assembly, Lambeth & Southwark
  • Caroline Pidgeon MBE AM, London Assembly, Liberal Democrat
  • Keith Prince, London Assembly, Havering & Redbridge
  • City of London Police Commissioner – Ian Dyson QPM
  • Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland, Barry Coppinger
  • Dorset Police Deputy Chief Constable James Vaughan and Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset Martyn Underhill
  • Police and Crime Commissioner for Nottinghamshire, Paddy Tipping
  • Police and Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire, Hardyal Dhindsa
  • Police and Crime Commissioner for SurreyDavid Munro
  • Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire, Lord Willy Bach
  • Police and Crime commissioner for Merseyside, Rt Hon Jane Kennedy
  • Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire and Swindon Angus Macpherson
  • Mayor of Bromley, Cllr Kathy Bance MBE
  • Mayor of Hackney, Cllr Phillip Glanville along with Cllr Caroline Selman (Cabinet Member Community Safety) and Cllr Sade Etti (No Place for Hate Champion).
  • Islington Councillors,  Richard Watts,  Andy Hull and Kaya Comer-Schwartz
  • Mayor of Tower Hamlets John Biggs

Please note – more letters will be added in due course.

Letter of Support – The Prime Minister – Theresa May


I am pleased to extend my support once again to National Hate Crime Awareness Week, particularly in light of recent events.

Every person in the UK is equal and free to lead their life as they see fit. Our country is defined by our shared values; we are diverse, welcoming, vibrant, compassionate, confident and determined never to give in to hate. The diversity in this country only strengthens us and I hope this continues long into the future.

Whilst we have made great progress in tackling hate crime, one case is still to many. Alongside the work the Government is doing to tackle these abhorrent crimes, it is events like National Hate Crime Awareness Week that truly make a difference. I would like to thank you all for taking part in events to raise awareness of these despicable crimes and the effect they can have on individuals and communities.

I hope everyone comes together this week to stand with those affected by hate crime, to remember those whom we have lost and to help those who need support.

Theresa May
The Prime Minister

Letter of support – Home Secretary – Amber Rudd


Dear Mark

RE: National Hate Crime Awareness Week

The United Kingdom is a place that a wide variety of people call home. This should be a source of pride for us.

Sadly, that does not reflect everyone’s experience, and there are times where people are
victimised simply for being who they are, whether it is because of their particular faith or for who they choose to love. That is totally unacceptable. Everyone has the right to live peacefully, without fear of being attacked for being themselves.

Perhaps hate crimes have occurred – to some degree – for as long as hate itself has existed.

However there is no excuse. The vast majority of us recognise and challenge this behaviour for what it is. Hate Crime Awareness Week is an important opportunity for us to come together and renew our determination to stamp out hate crime. The movement continues to grow and I am
grateful to the 17-24-30 and Stop Hate UK for making it happen.

I know that Hate Crime Awareness Week is being marked up and down the country, with charity and voluntary sector organisations, public services, and others leading the way. I urge anyone who feels strongly about this to participate, perhaps taking inspiration from

There are so many ideas, from attending local events to showing your support on social media.

For my part I will always continue to push for robust action to address the causes of hate crime and improve our response to it. We have just announced additional funding for a National Online Hate Crime Hub, and we are continuing to fund local schemes to tackle hate crimes and keep people safe at places of worship and other faith institutions. We deliver these priorities with the support of a wide range of partners, and we will be using their expertise over the coming months to help us refresh the national Hate Crime Action Plan.

I give my best wishes – and unwavering support – to all those taking part in Hate Crime Awareness Week.

Amber Rudd MP

Home Secretary

Letter of support – Leader of the Opposition Jeremy Corbyn – Leader of the Labour Party

Jeremy Corbyn

Crime driven by hatred, prejudice and fear of those who are different is a stain upon our society and our collective conscience. It is of national shame that people continue to be discriminated against in public for how they look, how they worship and who they love. The recent rise in hate crimes underscores how far we still have to go.

In the past year, we have seen the brutal murder of Arkadiusz Jóźwik in Harlow – killed for being a migrant – and the callous beating of a 17-year-old Kurdish-Iranian refugee in Croydon. These are just some examples of the hate-filled attacks that take place – in one form or another – every day in Britain.

The Met police recorded 1,260 incidents of hate crime over the last year – a number which has tripled in the last 4 years. Muslim women are amongst the most abused. Lesbian and gay couples still often fear displaying affection in public. Ethnic and religious minorities face prejudice, in spaces and places where they should feel safe and welcome.

Our friend and colleague Jo Cox was cruelly taken from us in an attack driven by hatred. She brought love into the world and was killed for it.

We must not only declare our strength of community and unity after a hate crime or terrorist attack. We must live it and display it every single day in all of our actions. All forms of racism and discrimination should be challenged at all times, including casual forms of racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia.

In the Labour Party, we strongly believe in upholding the rights of minorities and protecting our most vulnerable. Not just through lip-service and token gestures but through real, tangible action to defend those most at risk of discrimination.

We seek to build a society and a world free from all forms of racism, antisemitism and Islamophobia. We are dedicated to progressing freedoms for the LGBT community and eradicating transphobic crime from our society.

Labour is the party of equality, diversity and tolerance. We were built on the values of social justice and human rights, and those values are rooted in the fundamental truth that we are all equal and deserve to be treated as such.

In government, we will work every day for a fairer society and seek to create a cultural change within society which respects and celebrates difference, rather than fearing and hating it.

I commend those who organised National Hate Crime Awareness Week in memory of Ian Baynham. I fully support them in their endeavour to shed light upon this evil and instigate positive change to end this type of crime.

Leader of the Opposition – Jeremy Corbyn MP – Leader of the Labour Party

Letter of support – Vince Cable MP – Leader of the Liberal Democrats

Vince Cable

I am proud to lend my support to National Hate Crime Awareness Week, which serves as an important reminder that hate, division and prejudice have no place in 21st century Britain.

Everyone has the right to be who they are, without fear of abuse, intimidation or violence. Our nation is a rich tapestry of different identities.  It is our duty to ensure that every person, regardless of race, religion, sex, sexuality, nationality, age or disability, is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. We must fight back against divisive, far right rhetoric, which sets community against community, undermining the core values of our country.

The last year as been a test of our nation’s resolve. Acts of terror across the country have brought communities together, but they have also been used by some to attack ethnic and religious minorities. This is unacceptable.

Hate crime is a serious offence and one that should, in turn, carry serious consequences.  Liberal Democrats have campaigned to make all hate crimes aggravated offences, allowing for stiffer sentencing of offenders. At present, hate crimes are not weighted equally; crimes on the grounds of race and religion are more likely to receive a tougher sentence than crimes on other grounds. There must be fair and equal protection for all victims.

Hate crimes inject terror and fear into our communities, eroding our collective sense of security, leaving the victims with lasting emotional, physical and psychological effects –  long after the act itself. That is why they cannot go unchallenged.

Let us use this time to remember the victims and their friends and loved ones. I would also like to thank the police and other local services for their continued hard work in keeping our communities safe and secure. Finally, thank you to the National Hate Crime Awareness Week for your hard work and dedication to this important cause.

Let us all work together to keep Britain open, tolerant and united.

Vince Cable MP – Leader of the Liberal Democrats

Letter of support – Jonathan Bartley, Caroline Lucas, Amelia Womack – The Green Party

“We are writing on behalf of the Green Party to express our continued support for National Hate Crime Awareness Week.

In 2017, we want to live in a civilised and diverse society, where we feel freer than ever to be ourselves, and to be comfortable in our own skin. And we want those around us  to feel the same. But the statistics on hate crime show that this is far from the case.

Over the last year, we’ve seen an EU referendum divide the nation. We’ve seen terrorist attacks used to scapegoat minorities. We’ve seen the media happily follow the government’s lead in stoking people’s fears, turning neighbour against neighbour, community against community.

The recently published statistics lay bare the full extent of the crisis, and it is truly shocking. A spike after the EU referendum. An even greater spike after the summer’s terrorist attacks. And a 29% rise overall – the greatest leap in a single year since records began.

This is a deeply troubling and why, this week in particular, we’re taking time to raise awareness on behalf of all the people who are no longer able to live their lives to the full, who fear persecution or even violence just for leaving their home. And we are remembering too, all those who have been killed or have taken their own lives as a result of hate crime.

At the same time, we’re celebrating those actively creating a beautiful, diverse society. As the leadership team of the Green Party, we meet these people every day, in every corner of the country, and these people give us hope. Together, we will work towards a Britain which values hope over hate, builds bridges rather than walls, and allows everyone to live their life without fear – whoever they are.

Jonathan Bartley, Green Party Co-leader

Caroline Lucas MP, Green Party Co-leader

Amelia Womack, Green Party Deputy Leader “

Letter of support – Mayor of London – Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan

Dear Mr Healey,

Thank you for your invitation to the ceremony at St Paul’s Cathedral which marks the opening of National Hate Crime Awareness Week. Sadly, I won’t be able to attend the ceremony this year but am delighted that my Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Sophie Linden, will attend and speak on my behalf.

In the meantime, I would like to pay tribute to your role and the work of the 17-24-30 No to Hate Crime Campaign and Stop Hate UK for their efforts in facilitating and promoting National Hate Crime Awareness Week. I’ve noted with interest how the week has grown in recent years to become such an important element in galvanising statutory and community stakeholders to raise awareness of, and directly challenge, hate crime in our communities.

National Hate Crime Awareness Week not only helps people understand the pernicious impact hate crime can have on individuals and communities, but also provides us all with the opportunity to demonstrate that we will not tolerate hate crime against anyone in London or across the UK. It allows us to show how communities are working in partnership to challenge those who would seek to divide us, and to support those who are targeted simply because of who they are.

I offer my best wishes to all those organisations and individuals taking part and holding events in National Hate Crime Awareness Week, in London and beyond, and look forward to continuing to work with the police, local authorities, schools and community and voluntary groups to ensure that everyone, whatever their background or identity, feels safe in our great city.

Yours sincerely

Sadiq Khan Mayor of London

Letter of support- Andrew Dismore AM, London Assembly for Barnet and Camden


Dear Mr Healey,

I am pleased to support this year’s National Hate Crime Awareness Week.

It is of utmost importance that the citizens of Barnet and Camden pledge to end hate crime and stand together to celebrate our differences.

People of all races, faiths, and creeds have made Barnet and Camden their home.

We have a responsibility to preserve the promise of openness and tolerance to ensure our community continues to flourish.

As a city, we must remember that the guiding principles of London are openness, diversity, and tolerance.

We cannot let fear or prejudice come between us.

The Mayor of London has called for Londoners to be proactive by reporting hate crimes of any kind to the police.

The only way to stop these atrocities is to know they are happening.

We need to send a clear message to those who wish to destroy our way of life that we will not be divided by hatred or violence.

No one in our community should threatened or attacked for simply being who they are.

We must stand together against act of hatred to ensure London remains open to all.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Dismore AM

Labour London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden

Letter of support- Len Duvall AM, London Assembly, Greenwich and Lewisham


I am happy to support National Hate Crime Awareness Week 2017.

Hate crime is a blight on our society, and takes many forms.

National Hate Crime Awareness Week helps highlight this crime and supports communities to work together to ensure that hate crime is stopped, so that all our citizens can live free from the fear and distress that hate crime causes.

Yours sincerely

Len Duvall AM

London Assembly Member for Greenwich and Lewisham

Letter of support- Florence Eshalomi AM, London Assembly, Lambeth & Southwark

London Assembly Portraits Florence

I am pleased to support National Hate Crime Awareness Week 2017.  Hate Crime has no place in our society.

It is vital that we all work together to tackle hate crime and support those communities that are affected by it.

I hope that the spotlight that National Hate Crime Awareness week shines on the issue will be a catalyst for us all to renew their efforts to stop hate crime.

Florence Eshalomi AM

London Assembly, Lambeth & Southwark

Letter of Support Caroline Pidgeon MBE AM, Liberal Democrats


The last year has seen some horrific acts of violence and hatred committed in London and Manchester.

As I write this letter we hear the further news that hate crimes targeting mosques across the UK more than doubled between 2016 and 2017.  Sadly London has also seen steep rises in the reported levels of all hate crime strands in the last year

Against this background it is vital that we renew our determination to fight hate crime throughout our country

I passionately believe everyone has the right to live without fear or persecution.   Whatever someone’s colour, their religion or faith they follow, their disability or the person they wish to love and share their life with, we should all be able to live without prejudice.   

National Hate Crime Awareness Week is an opportunity to renew our commitment to tackling all forms of hate crime and persecution faced by individuals and communities.   The work of Mark Healey, the 17- 24 -30 volunteers and Stop Hate UK has never been so important and so desperately needed.  However, tackling hate crime is not an issue just for others.  We all have a personal responsibility to ensure greater awareness exists of how hate crime can be tackled and to assist victims of hate crime to report their crimes and ensure they are not silenced.

I offer my full and total support for the work of Hate Crime Awareness Week.  By working together we will overcome fear and prejudice.

Caroline Pidgeon MBE AM

Liberal Democrat Member of the London Assembly  

Letter of support – Keith Prince, London Assembly, Havering & Redbridge


We are very fortunate in London that by and large our diverse communities not only live harmoniously side by side but indeed enjoy each other’s culture.

I my self have spent the morning in at an open day at a Mosque the afternoon attending a service at a Synagogue and the enjoyed a evenings entertainment by the Hindu community all in the space of one day. Probably such an experience could only be possible in our great City.

This alone makes me very proud to be a Londoner but of course there is a very small minority who are jealous of our diverse lifestyle and are intent on disrupting this harmony.

We must stand together to defeat these small minded people by not allowing their actions to divide us.

We must recognise that they do not represent any community or religion just themselves and we must report any evidence of their activities to the police, be it significant or even unacceptable remarks.

Together we can defeat these small minded people and cowards and build stronger more diverse but united neighbourhoods.

Keith Prince AM
London Assembly Havering &a Redbridge

Letter of support City of London Police – Ian Dyson QPM

Ian Dyson

Dear Mr Healey,

I am writing to offer my support for the National Hate Crime Awareness Week of 2017.

This now being the 6th year of this annual charity led event is testament not only to the hard work of all those involved but also the positive contribution that such initiatives make to our communities.

The long term tackling of hate crime needs joined up thinking between police and public, support services and partnerships. Prevention and effective policing response relies on well informed, empowered and confident communities working with us, and those affected need ongoing support. For all these reasons and more, #NHCAW is always welcome.

I was pleased to hear that you are already in touch with the City of London Police internal staff support networks who I understand have offered to work with you in furtherance of common objectives, and that the launch event this year takes place at St Pauls Cathedral within the City.

I will be supporting your social media campaign through City of London Police channels and look forward to further building on the community confidence that your event brings us.

Yours faithfully

Ian Dyson QPM
City of London Police

Letter of support- Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland, Barry Coppinger

pcc cleveland.jpg

I am writing to show my support for National Hate Crime Awareness Week, which is taking place between the 14th and 21st October.

Since coming into office in November 2012, tackling hate crime has been a key priority for me, as part of my work to improve services for victims and witnesses.

Through my Your Force Your Voice community engagement programme I have been and spoken to residents from across the Cleveland area, including many diverse groups, and sadly the consistent theme from diverse communities is that hate crime remains a priority for them, and that intolerance is still evident within our local areas.

During my term of office I have supported a variety of initiatives to tackle hate crime focusing on education, better support for victims and raised awareness of the mechanisms for reporting.

These have included:

  • Production of a disability hate crime awareness film for frontline staff which has been used across the Police and partnership agencies to raise awareness of the impact of this devastating crime and to recognise the signs of victimisation.
  •  Funding for Show Racism the Red Card educational workshops in primary and secondary schools across Cleveland, and for teacher training sessions equipping teachers with the tools and skills to effectively challenge racism in the classroom.
  •  Funding for specific roles within the Police focusing on Community Cohesion, Refugee and Asylum Seeker Liaison and Hate Crime Investigation.
  • Funding for transgender awareness sessions with young people and community organisations across Cleveland focusing on mythbusting and educating communities regarding transgender and non binary issues.  Chairing a multi agency cross Cleveland Hate Crime Partnership working towards a multi agency action plan.
  • Introduction of a Cultural Awareness programme for front line police officers and staff giving them the skills and confidence to deal appropriately and sensitively with all our diverse communities.

These are just a few of the initiatives I have supported, there are many more, as I am passionate about tackling hate crime.

I know it is a massively under reported crime and I am working hard with the Police and our partners to put the message out to communities that we will not tolerate this unacceptable behaviour.

National Hate Crime Awareness Week is a brilliant mechanism for raising public awareness of this important issue and an opportunity for us all to stand together against the minority of people who continue to target others within their communities based on their Race, Religion, Disability, Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity.

We should all be free to be who we are without fear of prejudice and intolerance, and I am determined that we will continue to strive for this in Cleveland.

Yours sincerely

Barry Coppinger Police and Crime Commissioner for Cleveland

Letter of support – Dorset Police Deputy Chief Constable James Vaughan and Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset Martyn Underhill

Dear Mr Healey,

We are writing to confirm our continued commitment to National Hate Crime Awareness Week.  As a Force, we recognise the detrimental impact that harassment, prejudice and targeted hostility has on individuals and the wider community.  

Hate crime can take many forms and all forms of hate crime are unacceptable in any circumstances.  Hatred not only has the potential to cause serious physical and emotional harm, it damages communities and undermines the diversity and cohesion we should instead be celebrating.

We continue to implement our equality strategy which sets out how the Force understands who it serves, where those people and communities are, what are their needs and expectations and how services are designed and monitored. The strategy also sets out how the Force understands the workforce, who and where our staff are and their needs and expectations of Dorset Police as an employer, which links to our positive action strategy to encourage representation from under-represented groups.

Our activity in relation to hate crime this year has included our continued proactive membership of the Prejudice Free Dorset Partnership, the activity of which will be showcased and celebrated in our annual conference which takes place in Hate Crime Awareness Week.

Prejudice Free Dorset working in partnership with Dorset Police, provides a victim focussed response to any incidents reported. Tackling hate crime is a priority and we continue to work with our communities to stamp it out.

Our joint efforts include educating the public on how prejudice affects individuals and communities, encouraging victims and witnesses to report hate crime, signposting to support networks for victims of hate crime and providing third party reporting centres.

As a Force we will also be contributing to the South West Regional Hate Crime Conference, also during Hate Crime Awareness Week, focussing on victim experience, good practice and partnership working.

On Saturday 1 July, Dorset Police and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner took part in the annual Bourne Free Pride event. For the second year running, the OPCC arranged for a police vehicle to be decorated in line with the theme of Bourne Free. This was driven in the parade by one of the Force’s equality champions and the Deputy Chief Constable, the Force lead on hate crime and other officers and staff walked alongside.

Both Dorset Police, as part of Prejudice Free Dorset, and the Police and Crime Commissioner had information stands; sharing community safety information and asking for resident’s views on policing. Over 100 people completed the OPCC consultation, with numerous others stopping to share their concerns and ideas. Dorset Police continues to work to build increased confidence among the LGBT community.

On Saturday 5 August, Dorset Police once again took part in the Dorset One World Festival along with Prejudice Free Dorset colleagues in Dorchester, joining in the celebrations that brought people of all cultures together. It provided an opportunity for officers and staff to get a feel for issues facing local communities.

Officers from the Dorchester Neighbourhood Policing Team and Equality Champions joined in the festivities as part of the Force’s ongoing effort to demonstrate that hate crime will never be tolerated and victims of crime will be supported.

Officers raised awareness of hate crime reporting options available to any victims, including the pioneering Hate Crime App, which helps the most vulnerable members of society to report in the moment and in the privacy of their own safe environment

Hate crime has always been under-reported. We are working to build the confidence of all communities to come forward and report hate incidents and crimes. With recent media coverage, national and international events raising the profile of hate crime, we want to encourage victims to come forward in confidence.  As part of the Force’s work in this area, in conjunction with the OPCC it is developing its Engagement Strategy by creating bespoke Engagement Plans and assign operational leads for harder to reach communities.  The Force remains committed to bringing perpetrators to justice wherever possible.

Prejudice Free Dorset will be holding a Hate Crime Conference on 20 October during Hate Crime Awareness Week to consider the government’s new hate crime action plan with our communities and agree our action plan for the coming year in relation to preventing and responding to hate crime, increasing reporting, improving support for victims and building understanding. 

Yours sincerely

Dorset Police Deputy Chief Constable James Vaughan and Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset Martyn Underhill

Letter of support-  Police and Crime Commissioner for Nottinghamshire, Paddy Tipping

Paddy Tipping PCC 2017

I welcome the arrival once again of National Hate Crime Awareness Week (NHCAW) and would like to show my support and commitment once again to the ongoing fight to banish hatred and prejudice from our communities.

A happy society is one in which individuals can truly be themselves without fear of persecution, isolation or judgement. It is up to everyone one of us to protect freedom of choice and the right to be different by standing up to the bigoted attitudes that stir tension in our communities, breed violence and aggression and inflict long-term psychological damage on victims.
Nottinghamshire is one of the most vibrant and culturally diverse counties in England and the vast majority of people who live here respect their neighbours, embrace uniqueness, practice solidarity and value peace and friendship.

We must never let hatred or the warped ideas of a tiny minority perpetuate fear or undermine the positive relationships that exist within our communities.
As a country we’ve experienced some incredibly dark days in 2017 where hatred has claimed many innocent lives. Out of the gloom, however, we’ve also witnessed society at is best with communities and individuals pulling together to show strength, togetherness and defiance.
This summer, for instance, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing individuals of different faiths, genders, beliefs, sexuality and traditions coming together in celebration of this wonderfully diverse county.

These kinds of community events are crucial for supporting the values of tolerance, togetherness, and acceptance and I’ve been truly heartened to see so many people sharing happy memories with their neighbours.
Ordinary people can be powerful instigators of change.

They can publicly reject hatred, they can ensure their children grow up in an environment where the virtues of tolerance and acceptance are not only preached but also practised and they can lead by example by taking opportunities like these to unite with their communities.

There are still too many victims of hate crime living in fear and isolation and this must change.

We are working very hard to reassure and build confidence in our support mechanisms to show victims that breaking their silence is not only vital for their own safety and recovery but the safety of others.

We still have a long way to go but I’ve no doubt that the work of NHCAW will be a powerful aid on this journey.

Yours sincerely

Paddy Tipping Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner

Letter of support- Police and Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire, Hardyal Dhindsa

Hardyal-S-Dhindsa PCC 2017

Dear Mr Healey,

I would like to once again offer my full support for this year’s National Hate Crime Awareness Week and the work taking place across the UK to challenge hatred and division.

The inexplicable barbarism we’ve witnessed in our country this summer and the loss of so many innocent lives has given us all a reason to stand united against hate and violence.

We are all responsible for fighting for a better and safer future and practising the values of respect, tolerance and togetherness so that others can follow our lead.

The children of today are the adults of tomorrow and collectively we play a critical role in how they will view the world as well as the people around them.

Positive change begins with small gestures. It involves taking interest in the people who live within our communities and the cultures and values that steer their lives and beliefs. It involves pulling together and supporting our neighbours irrespective of race, class, religion, sexuality or gender – not just in times of crisis, as we have seen with the terrible events this year, but every single day.

As a Sikh and Britain’s first BME police and crime commissioner, I’m determined to confront hatred on every level and ensure those who bear the brunt of this heinous crime do not suffer alone or in silence.

In my capacity as the National Lead for PCCs on hate crime I also want to work with everyone to increase the public’s awareness and confidence to report to the Police or other support agencies.

Hate crime affects thousands of innocent, law-abiding people every day; ordinary, hardworking people who are targeted simply because of perceived differences. What’s crucially important for me is that victims of hate crime have confidence to report their experiences to police and have belief in the system designed to support them and deliver justice.

Derbyshire recently launched a hate crime campaign which saw reports increase by almost 25% in a four-month period. While this is to be welcomed, until we eradicate the
bigotry and divisive attitudes which foster tension and separation within our communities, no amount of work will ever go far enough.

Prejudice can destroy lives, create fear and break down the fabric of community life.

I stand united with every organisation in this country that puts their faith in a peaceful and prosperous future for society; one that embraces difference, values respect and renounces judgement.

Yours sincerely,

Hardyal Dhindsa Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner

Letter of support- Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey, David Munro

david munro.jpg

Dear Mr Healey,

I am writing to you to express my wholehearted support for National Hate Crime Awareness Week (NHCAW).

As APCC National Lead for Equalities, Diversity and Human Rights (EDHR), this campaign is very close to my own priorities to create a safe and inclusive county.

NHCAW helps raise awareness of how we can all work together to tackle this issue and I gratefully accept the offer to support this campaign for a second year.

As Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Surrey, a key priority of mine is to support victims.

Enduring any crime, including hate crime can often have a demoralising effect on a victim, but can also involve physical violence, both of which I will not stand for.

Suffering in silence is one of the worst outcomes of crime and in Surrey, the Force has worked tirelessly to ensure people feel confident in coming forward to report all offences to the police or seek help from our partner agencies.

Through working together, we hope to provide reassurance to local communities that any criminality of this kind will be treated seriously and fully investigated. Hate crime, whether face-to-face or online, hurts us all and has no place in modern society.

With the tragic terror events that we have seen occur across the world this year, it remains crucial to continue educating both the public and our officers and staff how to best deal with these situations.

We will ensure the public feel protected and receive the best quality of service that they deserve when faced with any matters of hate crime.

Since coming into office and consequently obtaining my EDHR portfolio, I have sought to engage with the many diverse communities that make up Surrey to understand their issues and see where we can help.

By embracing one another’s differences, we can share information, culture and experience to ensure everyone, no matter their race, religion, sexuality, age or gender feels fully supported by myself, my office and Surrey Police.

We must stand united to challenge and bring those committing hate crime to justice whilst supporting those who have sadly fallen foul to it.

Yours Sincerely,

David Munro – Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner

Letter of support- Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire, Lord Willy Bach

Dear Mr Healey

I am proud to be supporting National Hate Crime Awareness Week (NHCAW) and the efforts of charities like Stop Hate UK and 17-24-30 which give a voice to victims of prejudice, hostility and violence.

There is absolutely no place for intolerance and hatred in our society and we must all come together to fight the grotesque attitudes that threaten our values and undermine the good work taking place in our communities to bring people together.

Throughout the week we will be promoting a message of hope, acceptance and togetherness and reminding those who live, work and visit Leicestershire of their duty to embrace their neighbours and champion the core values of respect, dignity and freedom.

It is the right of every individual in the UK to live without judgement, fear or exclusion. The diversity of culture and tradition within Leicestershire is what makes it so special and as home to a multitude of faiths, customs and traditions it is here we must lead by example.

Leicestershire has a reputation for bringing people together in celebration; people from all walks of life who are passionate about their county and passionate about declaring their devotion to peace.

It is the simple actions of ordinary people that can instigate the biggest changes for society.

We must set an example to our children and young people by words and action and carry forward the spirit of solidarity day in and day out in our offices, our supermarkets, our schools and our homes.

It is difficult to comprehend the true impact of hate crime on society when so much of it remains unreported.

Reaching these anonymous victims is a challenge and can only be successfully achieved by increasing confidence in the police’s handling of such crimes. Victims require support and protection but they also need faith in the system that is offering that protection.

This is something we are determined to change in Leicestershire. There is focused work underway to improve the services provided to victims of hate crime and our Hate Crime Scrutiny Panel is an enormous asset in analysing trends and understanding victim perspectives which has a direct impact on trust levels.

The work of NHCAW will be a vital in raising awareness of hate crime further and empowering those affected to break their silence and seek help and justice.

Yours sincerely

Lord Willy Bach Police and Crime Commissioner

Letter of support- Police and Crime commissioner for Merseyside, Rt Hon Jane Kennedy


I am pleased to be able to confirm my commitment to supporting and promoting National Hate Crime Awareness Week.

I welcome this annual event as an important opportunity to raise awareness of hate crime and the potentially devastating impact it can have on people’s lives, on our communities and on society as a whole.

National Crime Awareness Week in invaluable in helping us to reach out to even more people who may be affected by hate and let them know they are not alone, that there is help and support available and that they do not need to suffer in silence.

National Crime Awareness Week is an opportunity for us to stand together to demonstrate that hate crime will not be tolerated across Merseyside.

Nobody should be subjected to abuse, fear or hatred simply because of who they are and this week we will be working hard to make sure all those who have been affected know there is help and support available.

We know hate crime remain significantly under-reported and this was something i pledged to tackle when i was campaigning to be elected as Merseyside’s Police Commissioner.

I am proud to say that since May 2014, I have commissioned independent national charity Stop Hate UK to provide a 24 hour helpline service for all victims of hate crime on Merseyside.

This service gives people a safe and independent place to talk about experience and to explore their options to take a matters further.

It is not intended  to replace reporting directly to Merseyside Police when a hate crime is committed.

Stop Hate UK have trained volunteers and staff are on hand to offer advice, take reports or signpost people to appropriate support.

They offer support in a wide range of formats and currently can help people speaking 45 different languages.

They can be contacted by calling 08001381625 or by accessing their we site on

We have increased the number of places at which a hate crime can be reported.

I am pleased to say there are now more than 90 Third Party Reporting Centre’s across Merseyside where you can call in to report a hate crime.

These are safe environments where a victim will be helped to report an incident of hate or abuse.

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Letter of Support – Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire and Swindon Angus Macpherson

Angus-Macpherson PCC 2017

Dear Mr Healey

As Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire and Swindon, I am proud to support Hate Crime Awareness Week 2017.

Hate is such a damaging human emotion: it can be very destructive, and it should not be tolerated. It is difficult to understand how people can be motivated by hate because they feel threatened by difference. As individuals, and as a community, we should be embracing each other’s differences, not persecuting each other for them.

I am honoured to chair the Wiltshire and Swindon Multi-Agency Hate Crime Group and to be opening our inaugural conference during Hate Crime Awareness Week. We have come together as a group for the past 18 months and will be launching our strategy at the conference and encouraging all partners to be involved in developing an action plan to take it forward.

It is important that we are aware of hate crimes and incidents and in Wiltshire we are absolutely committed to tackling this. I have set out in my Police and Crime Plan that protecting vulnerable people and putting the needs of victims and witnesses at the heart of everything we do is one of the key priorities for Wiltshire Police.

I am sure you agree that our collective aim should be to identify the methods of reducing the number of offences motivated by hate. We should concentrate on ways of preventing such offences and of providing the necessary support for victims.

We owe it to these victims to keep challenging the attitudes that keep hate crime alive and working with the communities where hate crime is happening we have the power to generate change.

I send my best wishes and support to all those participating in NHCAW 2017.

Angus Macpherson MBE
Police and Crime Commissioner Wiltshire and Swindon

Letter of Support – Mayor of Bromely, Cllr Kathy Bance MBE


Dear Mark,

I will be attending the Hate Crime Service at St Paul’s Cathedral on Sunday 15 October 2017 and am writing to thank the NHCAW for organising this event to confirm solidarity against any form of Hate Crime.

The NHCAW is playing an important role in reaching out, serving, educating and continuing to build relationships with groups who are perceived as different.

We hope that law enforcement, our Government leadership, and the media will become more proactive in creating a deeper level of understanding, respect and support among all people.

As a society, we must break the silence on racist and other hate-motivated crimes, create a safe environment that encourages people to report hate crimes, and to find effective ways to address and prevent them.

Your work is sending a strong message that we all want to enjoy an inclusive society, valuing our minorities and the integrity of our communities.

Thank You

Yours sincerely

Cllr Kathy Bance MBE Mayor of Bromley

Letter of support – Mayor of Hackney, Cllr Phillip Glanville along with Cllr Caroline Selman (Cabinet Member Community Safety) and Cllr Sade Etti (No Place for Hate Champion).

Sade Etti Philip Glanville Caroline Selman.jpg

As representatives of Hackney, one of the UK’s most diverse boroughs, protecting the right of our residents to live as they choose is one of the most important things to do.

Hackney is a brilliant, diverse place, where people from all backgrounds – different nationalities, religions and sexualities – share streets, schools, parks, community halls, workplaces and, crucially, our common values of tolerance and respect.

Hackney is the sixth most diverse borough in London and only last month we came together and celebrated our diversity in the fun-filled Hackney One Carnival. This month the Council will be celebrating Black history and culture in the borough with a two-month long season of free events and activities.

Our borough is a champion of people of different sexualities, who we honoured during Pride week this year by raising the Pride flag above Hackney Town Hall, and who we celebrate as part of our all-year Hackney Pride 364 festival. our interfaith forum meets regularly to discuss issues affecting the many and varied faiths represented across our borough. We also work hard to protect the writes of disabled people and this summer we launched a campaign to highlight and address the access needs of disabled people.

In December Hackney Council unanimously passed a motion condemning hate crime and setting out the concrete actions we are taking in partnership with the community to ensure Hackney is no place for hate. Hate incidents and crime have particularly harmful effect on victims, as they see to attack an intrinsic park of who the victim is, or who they are perceived to be – impacting both on the quality of life of both the individual themselves and the community as a whole. That’s why it’s more important than ever to celebrate the diversity of our boroughs, towns, cities and nations.

We wholeheartedly support National Hate Crime Awareness Week as we know that the only way to fight hate crime is to highlight it, talk about it and work with our communities and partners to banish it from our streets.

Yours faithfully

Cllr Philip Gianville Mayor of Hackney, Cllr Caroline Sleman (Cabinet Member for Community Safety) and Cllr Sade Etti (No Place for Hate Champion).

Letter of support- Islington Councillors,  Richard Watts,  Andy Hull and Kaya Comer-Schwartz


Islington Council is pleased once again to be supporting National Hate Crime Awareness Week. Islington is an extremely welcoming, decent and accepting place which people from across the world call home. Our community is strengthened by its diversity and we are clear that Islington is no place for hate.

The strength of our community was clear for all to see when a cowardly terrorist struck in Finsbury Park in June this year. The attacker sought to sow hatred but we stood in solidarity. The Council and our residents rushed to offer practical and emotional support and to rally together in a show of unity. Together, we showed that Islington will not be divided by hate.

As we have in previous years, Islington Council will be fully supporting National Hate Crime Awareness Week. During the week, we will launch the Islington Hate Crime Pledge, reinforcing the aims of the hate crime strategy which the Council launched with partners in October 2016. We will also be coordinating a range of events in partnership with the voluntary and community sector and the police, including an event with young people at the Emirates Stadium, presentations and information stalls.

Whatever form it takes and whomever it targets, hatred will not be tolerated in Islington and we are committed to stamping it out. Islington is a vibrant and united borough and our community is stronger because of its diversity. We are pleased to be supporting National Hate Crime Awareness Week this year and will continue to do so.

Yours sincerely
Councillor Richard Watts Cllr Andy Hull Cllr Kaya Comer-Schwartz

Letter of Support – Mayor of Tower Hamlets John Biggs


I am very pleased to support National Hate Crime Awareness Week. This is an important opportunity to raise awareness of how we can work together to tackle hate crime in all its forms.
We all have a duty to work together and reflect on what we can do better, how we can better support people and how we can challenge those who seek to spread hate and division.
Tower Hamlets Council works very closely with police and partner agencies to tackle and prevent hate crime. We do a great deal of work to champion our diversity and to make it clear that there is No Place for Hate in Tower Hamlets. Diversity is one of our greatest strengths.
I’m very proud that Tower Hamlets is fully signed up to the ‘No Place for Hate’ campaign. Our ‘No Place for Hate’ champions do positive work building cohesion and challenging hate. They help us deliver a key message – there is no room for hate in Tower Hamlets.
The UK has faced and continues to face significant challenges and attempts to spread hate. National Hate Crime Awareness Week is such an important way for us to spread awareness. It’s vital we leave no room for complacency.
I offer my full support for National Hate Crime Awareness Week.
Mayor John Biggs
Executive Mayor of Tower Hamlets

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