Stars come together to release a hard hitting single in support of raising Hate Crime Awareness

On Saturday 14th October 2017, Warwickshire County Council and key strategic partners released the single, Love Instead of Hate (Give it a Try) to kick off Hate Crime Awareness Week 2017.

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This project has seen Warwickshire County Council team up with Coventry-based ‘The Voice’ star Letitia George and ‘Let It Shine’ star Jordan Charles to create a powerful music single, called Love Instead of Hate (Give it a Try), showing the true pain caused by hate crime

The single, which has been produced in Warwickshire by music producers Neil Williams and Chris Welch, aims to raise awareness of hate crimes and increase the public reporting of them through a new website ( after a recent study suggested 3 out of every 5 Hate Crimes are not reported to the police.

The song, Love Instead of Hate, was initially inspired by poetry written by Stephen Crowshaw, a Nuneaton and Bedworth Police officer. Stephen’s lyrics were shared with Rugby-based music producer Neil Williams who immediately volunteered his time and considerable expertise to produce the track. Neil was able to very quickly form a team to work on the music, which featured Stourbridge Producer Chris Welch, Singer Songwriter Jordan Charles and Singer Letitia George all who gave their time and expertise to the project for free.

A music video has also been produced by Warwickshire County Council to accompany the single and featuring the acting talents of Young People from Rugby School Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College. 

Cllr Izzi Seccombe, Leader of Warwickshire County Council, said: “Love Instead of Hate is a fantastic piece of music with an important and powerful message. We are so grateful to the amazing producers and artists who have given a considerable amount of time to making this single a reality.

“I hope that this song and the work going on throughout Hate Crime Awareness Week and beyond will raise awareness of Hate Crimes and encourage the reporting of such crimes to the police. Making sure Warwickshire Residents are safe and feel safe in the county is a key priority for us. Hatred and Hate Crime have no place in our communities and the fact that so many of these crimes go unreported is not a situation we can or should tolerate.

Producers Neil Williams and Chris Welch, said of working on the track: “This is an incredibly important message that can’t be overstated. Getting involved with the project was an easy decision to make and I hope this reaches as many people as possible. If it helps prevent just one person from suffering a hate crime then it has been a success. I’d like to thank the incredible team we have worked with in making this possible for all of their hard work and dedication

Singer Songwriter Jordan Charles who wrote the Track, said: “Our communities are suffering from a lack of empathy. It’s much quicker to judge, insult or persecute someone than it is to feel compassion for them. Hopefully the message of love and strength in our song will help to inspire more empathy during Hate Crime Awareness Week and beyond

Letitia George, The Voice vocalist featured on the single, said: “it was an absolute pleasure to work alongside some fantastic people on making this song. I really hope that ‘Love Instead of Hate’ raises plenty of awareness and can do some real good increasing the number of Hate Crimes getting reported during hate crime awareness week and beyond. Every little good contributes to the fight against hate crime.

Find out more about Hate Crime and Reporting by visiting:

Find out all about National Hate Crime Awareness Week on the official site:

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