NationalHCAW Newsletter 15

Sir David Amess MP supporting the #No2H8 Campaign (20/12/2017)

Welcome to issue 15 of our UK Hate Crime Sector Newsletter.

by Mark Healey

National Hate Crime Awareness Week #NationalHCAW is rapidly approaching and no doubt hundreds of people and organisations across the UK and finalising their hate crime awareness events.

Thank you for suporting the national week, I hope all of your events go well.

We’ve doubled our efforts to get statements of support this year, emailing the Government, the Leader of the Opposition, Leaders of Polictical Parties, Police and Crime Commissioners, Police Chiefs, Members of Parliament, Faith and Community leaders.

We’ve set up an online form so anyone who wants to submit a message of support can do so (see the link below).

Last year during the national week  (15th Oct 2021) Sir David Amess MP was murdered. 

Sir David had previously supported Tell Mama’s NO2H8 Campaign –

David said: “No-one should be targeted for hatred because of their identity”. 

One of the statements of support we have received this year is from Kim Leadbeater MP,  the sister of MP Jo Cox.

Kim said: “My family and the community here in the constituency of Batley and Spen know just how devastating the consequences of hate crime can be. Victims and their loved ones will often never recover fully from the impact of such acts.

I fully support Hate Crime Awareness Week and join in remembering those we have lost and those who need our ongoing support. The work of helping to educate future generations to prevent further hate crimes has never been more important.”

MP Jo Cox was murdered n the 16th June 2016.

Jo  said: “We are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us.”

She also said: 

“Every decade or so, the world is tested by a crisis so grave that it breaks the mould: one so horrific and inhumane that the response of politicians to it becomes emblematic of their generation – their moral leadership or cowardice, their resolution or incompetence. It is how history judges us.”

As our country moves from crisis to crisis we have seen a lot of hate and prejudice stirred up.

I hope that the national week serves to remind those that aim to lead us – that we need to come together as a country, to set our political differences aside, to remember those we have lost, to stand in solidarity with those who need our ongoing support, and to work harder to rid society of the prejudiced attitudes that are the basis of all hate crimes – so some day soon, in the future we can live in peace and harmony together.

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