Soho 30

17-24-30 Soho remembers 17-24-30

The anniversary of the London Nail Bomb attack on Soho falls on the 30th April each year.

17-24-30 accepts no responsibility for the content and views expressed on other sites.

Key Partners:

  • 17-24-30 No To Hate Crime Campaign
  • Westminster Council
  • Westminster MPS
  • Westminster Independent Advisory Group
  • St Anne’s church
  • St Anne’s Gardens (via Westminster Council)
  • Diversity choir
  • Admiral Duncan
  • Moore Family
  • Westminster & Soho LGBT Community Forum

Preparation for the day:

  • 17-24-30 will set up a Facebook event page “Brick Lane Remembers 17-24-30” for the Brick Lane Act of Remembrance, located on the the 17-24-30 Facebook groups event section here.
  • 17-24-30 will draft a press release for the event
  • 17-24-30 will contact Westminster Council
    • Invite the Mayor of Westminster
    • Invite the Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods
    • Invite Westminster Councillors from West End Ward
    • Invite the Leader of the Council
    • Ensure the site is cleaned prior to the event.
    • Invite Westminster Council to submit a statement to be included in the annual press release.
  • 17-24-30 will contact Westminster MPS
    • Invite the Borough Commander
    • Invite representation from the Soho Ward SNT Panel.
    • Invite representation from Soho Safer Neighbourhood Team
    • Invite representation from the Westminster Independent Advisory Group
    • Invite Westminster MPS to submit a statement to be included in the annual press release.
  • 17-24-30 will contact the St Anne’s church, Soho
    • Invite the Priest of the St Anne’s to participate in the event.
  • 17-24-3 will contact St Anne’s Gardens via Westminster Council
    • Make arrangements for the Gardens to remain open until 7pm
  • 17-24-30 will contact Diversity Choir
    • Invite them to participate in the event.
  • 17-24-30 will contact the Admiral Duncan
    • confirm arrangements in the bar – candles, flowers etc.
    • Invite them to participate in the event
    • Confirm entertainment for after the event
  • 17-24-30 will contact the Moore family
    • Confirm arrangements for the event
    • Confirm family reading/poem.
  • 17-24-30 will contact the Westminster Soho LGBT Community Forum
    • Invite them to attend.
    • Confirm arrangements for the event.
  • 17-24-30 will organise a photographer for the event
  • 17-24-30 will release the press release for the event on the 16th April before the event.
  • 17-24-30 will finalise the kit bag for the event by the 24th April.
    • Three lanterns and candles
    • A box of matches
    • Signage to display at the event
    • 2 hi-viability steward tops
    • 17-24-30 leaflets
    • London Hate Crime Reporting Cards
    • Clip board and 17-24-30 mailing list sign up sheets
    • Pens
    • Identity Badges and lanyards
    • String, clips, blue tac and sellotape
  • 17-24-30 will bring their Ion Block Rocker (pa sound system)
  • 17-24-30 will recruit and train volunteers to help steward the event

Plans for the day:

  • 5pm Friends and family will gather at The Admiral Duncan.
  • 6.20pm People will walk round to St Annes’s Gardens.
  • 6.30pm Short service lead by Priest from St Annes’s Church.
  • 6.37pm Two minute silence.
  • 6.39pm Song performed by Diversity
  • Readings by Friends and Family.
  • Gardens will remain open until 7.30 pm to allow people time to pay their respects.


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After the event:

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