Soho Remembers 17-24-30 Archive

On the 30th April 1999 David Copeland planted the third of three bombs in the Admiral Duncan bar on Old Compton St. The bomb exploded at 6.37pm killing three people (Nik Moore, Andrea Dykes and John Light) and injured many more.

This archive has been set up to collate and record information about the attack and what has happened since. Each year, on the anniversary of the attack – people gather for an Act of Remembrance in St Anne’s Gardens. To remember those who lost their lives, those who survived along with those affected by these attacks who need our on-going support, bringing our communities together to raise awareness and tackle hate crime to prevent these events happening again.

Everyone is welcome to come along and take part in the short service.

30th April 2018 – 19th Anniversary of the Soho Bomb


  • 20th February 2018: Meeting between Rev Simon Buckley, Karl Nixon (new manager at The Admiral Duncan) and Mark Healey held at St Anne’s Church to organise the 19th anniversary act of remembrance.


Tommy Douglas passed away on the 27th August 2017. Photo (c) Nigel Howard

30th April 2017 – 18th Anniversary of Soho Bomb


18th Year Anniversary Soho Bomb Memorial


14 June 2016 Evening Standard: Admiral Duncan nail bombing survivor: I’ll join London Pride parade to show hate won’t win. Reported by Matt Watts

Orlando massacre terrorist will fail. Here’s why | Owen Jones


Soho, London – Vigil in Solidarity with Orlando


Soho Vigil for Orlando

On the 12th June 49 people were shot and killed in Pulse Night Club, Orlando. Within 24 hours 17-24-30 helped organise the Soho Vigil for Orlando.

30th April 2016 – 17th Anniversary of Soho Bomb


30th April 2015 – 16th Anniversary of Soho Bomb

  • the hashtag for the 16th April Acts of Remembrance is #AAR16

30th April 2014 – 15th Anniversary of Soho Bomb

Soho Remembers 17-24-30 2014

Soho Remembers 17-24-30 2014

29th April 2014 – 17-24-30 No to Hate Crime Campaign used it’s Twitter #HateCrimeVigil profile on the eve of the 15th anniversary to tweet about the Act of Remembrance in Soho.

28th April 2014 Independent Catholic News: London – Prayer Service to mark anniversary of Admiral Duncan Bombing

11th April 2014, The Bulletin, Lambeth Council’s internal staff newsletter included notice of this year’s arrangements – including mention of the service taking part in Soho. It has been confirmed that representatives from all three Mayor’s Offices (Lambeth, Tower Hamlets and Westminster) will be attending this year.

2014 04 11 Bulletin

Mark Healey remembers the Admiral Duncan attack

In the lead up to the 15th anniversary of the Soho Nail Bomb attack Mark Healey had meetings with Rev Simon Buckley (St Anne’s Church) and Martin Prendergast (Westminster & Soho LGBT Community Forum). Liaison continues with some of the survivors from the Admiral Duncan and members of the Moore family. Invitations sent out to the three Mayors and Borough Commanders representing Lambeth, Tower Hamlets and Westminster councils.


Mark Healey standing by the new memorial tree replanted in St Anne’s Garden.

One of the three original memorial trees planted in St Anne’s Gardens had stopped growing, in liaison with 17-24-30 No To Hate Crime Campaign Cllr Jonathan Glanz arranged for a new tree to be planted to replace it.

30th April 2013 – 14th Anniversary of Soho Bomb

Tuesday 30th April 2013 – a beautiful service took place in St Anne’s Churchyard to mark the 14th anniversary and was very well attended this year. Service lead by Rev Simon Buckley (St Anne’s Church) and Mark Healey (17-24-30 No to Hate Crime Campaign), with a poem read by the Moore family and a song sung by Diversity Choir.

Soho 2014 A

The replacement plaque was covered with a rainbow flag donated by Prowler Soho. The Lord Mayor of Westminster unveiled the new plaque and gave the rainbow flag to members of the Moore family.Soho 2014 B

After the service in St Anne’s Gardens some of those present returned to the Admiral Duncan. Drag Artist Mrs Moore (not related to the Moore Family) hosted the rest of the evening.

Replacement Soho Memorial Plaque

Replacement Soho Memorial Plaque unveiled 30/04/2013

Soho Memorial Plaque

In the lead up to the 14th anniversary it became apparent that the original memorial plaque had gone missing.

17-24-30 No To Hate Crime (28/04/13) Original Soho Plaque Missing

30th April 2012 – 13th Anniversary of Soho Bomb

Monday 30th April 2012 – Service held in St Anne’s Churchyard to mark the 13th Anniversary.

Arrangements for the act of remembrance were confirmed with Fr Ronald Swan from St Anne’s Church and Craig Taylor the General Manager of The Admiral Duncan and Duke of Wellington.

  • 6pm Friends and family will gather at The Admiral Duncan.
  • 6.20pm People will walk round to St Annes’s Gardens.
  • 6.30pm Short service lead by Fr Ronald Swan from St Annes’s Church.
  • 6.37pm Two minute silence.
  • 6.39pm Song by Diversity Choir
  • Followed by Readings by the family and Sisters of Perpetural Indulgence TBC.
  • Gardens will remain open until 8pm to allow people time to pay their respects.

Click here for link to photos taken by Ryan Parkins.

Click here for photos by Ali Press

Click here for link to St Anne’s website.

30th April 2011 – 12th Anniversary of Soho Bomb

Gaydar Radio Scott Roberts interviews Craig Taylor and Mark Healey

21 March 2011 – 17-24-30 launch this WordPress site to mark the 12th anniversary of the London Nail Bomb attacks on Brixton, Brick Lane and Soho.

30th April 2010 – 11th Anniversary of Soho Bomb

  • Real Crime: Nailing The Nail Bomber (4 Nov 2010) on YouTube

Click here for Part one, Part two, Part three and Part four.

30th April 2009 – 10th Anniversary of Soho Bomb

30th April 2009 – 10th anniversary gathering took place in St Anne’s churchyard.

Flowers placed under the three cherry trees in St Anne’s churchyard.

Notices that went up in some the bars, including the Admiral Duncan, Duke of Wellington and Comptons.

Admiral Duncan Statement April 1999


3rd April 2009 – Mark Healey set up 17-24-30 Facebook group to mark the 10th anniversary of the London Nail Bpmb attacks on Brixton, Brick Lane and Soho. You can find 17-24-30 on Facebook by clicking here.

2008 – 9th Anniversary

2007 – 8th Anniversary

2006 – 7th Anniversary

2005 – 6th Anniversary

2004 – 5th Anniversary

30th October 2004 – David Morley (Sinders) who survive the Soho bombing, is attacked by a teenage gang on the Southbank, and dies of the injuries he sustained.

2003 – 4th Anniversary

5pm Tuesday 14th October 2003

Memorial Bench designed by Simon Kidd unveiled in St Anne’s churchyard by Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London.

2002 – 3rd Anniversary

2001 – 2nd Anniversary

2000 – 1st Anniversary


Inside the Admiral Duncan,

GayTime TV feature on The Admiral Duncan Bombing


Friday 7th May 1999 – April Bombings Vigil of Remembrance took place outside the Admiral Duncan, followed by an “Act of Prayer and Reflection” in the gardens of St Anne’s Church Soho.

Speakers include Peter Tatchell, and pictured above Ken Livingstone MP, Darryl Telles Lesbian & Gay Coalition against Racism, Tess Joseph Jewish Gay & Lesbian Group, Stephen Kristian Outrage!, Teresa Bennett Anti-Nazi League, Tom Robinson singing “Glad to be Gay”(with updated lyrics), Sue Sanders Schools Out and Sukwant Dhaliwal Southall Black Sisters.

Tuesday 4nd May 1999 – Soho Square, after the bomb on Old Compton Street. Flowers placed outside The Admiral Duncan were moved to Soho Square.

Photo (c)

Tuesday 4th May, the members of the London Gay Men’s Chorus gathered up the bouquets of flowers and massages outside the Admiral Duncan, and in a procession watched by people lining the streets, walked them several hundred years to Soho Square.

Royal Visit Prince Charles visited the site of the bomb and met with survivors of the blast. Appualed by the attack he said “The British never get put down by these things.”

Saturday 1st May 1999 (OUTRAGE) Lambeth UNISON, backed by the Anti-Nazi League, the National Assembly Against Racism, The National Black Alliancem and the Movement for Justice joined a number of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Community groups including Outrage!, Stonewall and the London Lesbian & Gay Switchboard.

Fri 30th April 1999 18:37 Soho Bomb

  • Three people killed – Andrea Dykes, Nick Moore and John Light.

Ken Murphy, a motorcycle paramedic with London Ambulance Service first on the scene. 21 Ambulances were called, to take the injured to University College, Guy’s and St Thomas’s Hospitals. Over 80 people injured, 13 seriously injured – inlcuding two who had lost limbs – and 68 with minor injuries. Scotland Yard’s Deputy Assistant Commisoner Alan Fry appeals for information and public to  remain vigilant. Lesbian and Gay Police Association available in Police Mobile Command vehicle located in Soho Square.

Friday 30th April 1999

London : Bomb explosion in Soho District latest

Sat 24 April 1999 18:00 Brick Lane Bomb6 people injured in Brick Lane

Sat 17 April 1999 17:30 Brixton Bomb

  •  39 people injured in Brixton Market, including two children and a police office. A 23 month old boy has a 2 cm nail removed from his brain by surgeons at Great Ormond Street Hospital.
  • BBC NEWS (Sat 17th April 1999) – Dozens hurt in London blast

Crimes that shook Britain – The London Nail Bombings

Real Crime: Documentary Nailing the Nail Bomber