Hope Not Hate – A message from Nick Lowles

This morning the world’s media will be focused on a court in Oslo, Norway, where Anders Behring Breivik goes on trial for murdering 77 people last July.

It was a massacre that shocked all of us. In the days following the attack over 11,000 people signed our ‘We are all Norwegians’ book of condolence, which we handed in to the Norwegian embassy in London.

Anders Brehring Breivik admits to the bombing and shootings but he is pleading not guilty on the basis that he was acting in self-defence. He claims he had no option but to carry out these killings in order to warn the West that it was sleep walking into an Islamic takeover.
Breivik acted alone but he was inspired by what we call the ‘Counter-Jihad’ movement.
HOPE not hate has just released a special report into the people and ideas of those who inspired him and I would like you to look at it:


Our report identifies the ‘Counter-Jihad’ movement as a loose network of foundations, bloggers, activists, political parties and street gangs. Sometimes they act alone, sometimes they join together. It is the new face of the far right. It is replacing the racial nationalism of old style racist and neo-Nazi groups and it makes Islam the issue and Muslims the target.

Breivik shared their conspiratorial mindset. He also believed that the immigration and multi-culturalist policies of Governments were allowing Islam to gain a foothold – hence his targets. He believed all this because he read what the ‘Counter-Jihadists’ wrote. In his Manifesto he regurgitated it – sometimes word for word. Finally, in his deeds, he believed he was playing his part in the civil war that so many of them had been predicting. And he plans to call some of them to testify on his behalf in court.


We will be updating the website on a daily basis. Our blog will have regular updates from the trial, giving our supporters many of the background facts that will not be found in the mainstream media.

The threat of the ‘Counter-Jihad’ movement is one that we ignore at our peril. For this reason we have produced this report and are establishing a ‘Counter-Jihad’ Monitoring Unit to watch this movement in years to come.

I hope you find our website interesting



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Founder 17-24-30 NationalHCAW (1184819). Project lead Rainbow Boroughs Project. Passionate about tackling hate crime and LGBT+ community development.
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