Humber All Nations Alliance

As part of National Hate Crime Awareness Week #NHCAW 2015 Humber All Nations Alliance in partnership with Hull City Council and Humberside Police are organising a Hate Crime Awareness Training event on Wednesday 14th October between 11am to 1pm.

Check out their website for details:

Hana Logo

The Humber All Nations Alliance, known as HANA, is a registered Charity in England and Wales. HANA is a specialist infrastructure support organisation providing services to people from minority ethnic backgrounds. As an umbrella organisation HANA is composed of 54 black and minority ethnic constituted community groups that represent most of the ethnic, cultural and faith diversity of Hull in particular and of the Humber region in general. The support we provide is addressed to both community groups and individuals. We support community groups by advocating on behalf of their interests and representing them in local and regional networks for their voice to be heard. We also provide support to individuals directly through the delivery of projects funded by public agencies and trusts. We use tools and techniques of ‘community development’ to help empower community groups and individuals for them to develop their own skills and put in motion ‘collective action’ to address their own problems.

With a group of staff composed of a work force of 9 (6 of which are trained and experienced community development workers), we currently deliver a wide range of services that includes a hate crime reporting centre; infrastructure support, with information, advice and guidance to more than 50 constituted community groups; a holistic approach to mental health for people with black and minority ethnic backgrounds; community engagement activities through sports, arts and cultural celebrations; school awareness workshops and diversity training; bespoke training packs for statutory agencies and the private sector; a drop in session to support individuals that struggle to access services; and a project in partnership with the Humberside Police and the Rank Foundation to address the issues of Eastern European migrant communities. HANA is also a pioneering organisation in bringing the culture and traditions of all diverse communities to enhance the social, civic and cultural life of our region through empowering the diverse ethnic community groups to participate in major events such as the Freedom Festival, the Black History Month and preparing ready for the City of Culture 2017. We are the organisation that delivers the ‘World Cup of Football’ and the ‘International Fashion Show’ every year bringing the diverse ethnic communities together to share their with the rest of the communities the best of their talents through family oriented activities promoting community cohesion and race harmony.

HANA has its own premises where we host a wide range of community events organised by the diverse communities and that has become a focal point of community activity.  HANA’s strategic role in the black and minority ethnic sector in general is also matched by the provision of a wide range of support services to individuals in the areas of employability, access to services, housing problems, reporting crime, to mention just but a few. Our work is based on partnership and some of our main partners are agencies of the voluntary and community sector, but also the Humberside Police, the National Health Service and the local authorities, including universities, colleges and schools.

Our staff team and volunteers are able to speak more than 20 languages which is an asset to community work and partnership development in a multicultural context.

Humber All Nations Alliance Ltd.

44 Portland street

Hull, HU2 8JX

About Mark172430

Founder 17-24-30 NationalHCAW (1184819). Project lead Rainbow Boroughs Project. Passionate about tackling hate crime and LGBT+ community development.
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